Warren A. Peterson

DO,MSC-AOBD Dermatologist

Dr Peterson Warren

– Graduate of Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA.

– Currently serves on Executive Advisory Committee to the president of the Rocky Vista University University Osteopathic Medicine, Ivins, UT.

– Served as Chairman of Utah Osteopathic State Licensure Board 2010-2012.

– Served as Area Medical Advisor for LDS Mission Medical for So Calid 2012-213.

– Currently is a Clinical Associate Professor with Western University of Health Sciences.

– 25 years experience as a Board Certified Dermatologist in Utah and practiced in So Calif six years prior to his return to Utah.

Program Director for Aspen Dermatology Residency Program, an Opti-West Consortium Affiliate.

Personal Statement: ” I have been involved in laboratory and clinical medicine as well as working with the Utah State Department of Health over a 48-year timeline. My true interest is in direct patient care. I enjoy and look forward to helping my patients and assist them in achieving their wellness goals.”

(801) 475-5210